L.H. Dude Larsen

Dude Larsen

The rich and historic history of L.H. “Dude” Larsen Postcards and Art can now be found at dudelarsen.com.  The site is dedicated to the historic aspect of Route 66 and Southwestern Postcards manufactured and distributed by L.H. Larsen.

One of the most well known publishers of western scene, dogs and comical postcards in the Southwest.  L.H. Larsen provided many different ways for travelers on the historic Highway 66 to let their friends and loved ones share parts of their journey.  Manufactured and distributed in the late 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, L.H. Larsen used his own original artwork.  He  also used original artwork from his wife at the time, Dorothy “Dot” Larsen.  In 1949, as Lewis H. Larsen was entering his 4 year term as a Utah State Senator, he commissioned a Navajo artist by the name of Hoke Denetsosie to produce a series of 200 comical postcards.  Hoke Denetsosie, in 1949 was 30 years old and had already proved his talent as an illustrator for a series of Indian Picture books.

To learn more about L.H. Larsen and the talented artists that were instrumental in painting the way for Route 66 travelers, visit the website.

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