L.H. Larsen – Actor

L.H. Dude Larsen Cowboy Poet, Artist, Statesman and “Actor?”

The man that rode in many saddles also rode onto the Silver Screen.  It appears that in 1949 (the same year he was elected to the Utah Senate), L.H. Larsen was an actor in a film released by Kanab Pictures in which he played a ranch hand by the name of Steve.  His part was significant enough to get him billing on promotional pieces along with the stars of the film.   The movie, Stallion Canyon, was shot in Utah and starred among others, Ken Curtis who was best known for his role in later years as “Festus” on Gunsmoke.  Played up in true Hollywood style with special premieres.  This picture was certainly a boom to the Utah film industry of which Kanab Pictures worked hard to promote when it was formed in 1947.

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