Hoke Denetsosie

Hoke Denetsosie Navajo Artist

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Born in 1919, Navajo artist Hoke Denetsosie began his path of preserving the rich tradition and teachings of his heritage for the young and future generations.  Raised in northern Arizona and he first began his education at a boarding school in Luepp, Arizona.  The boarding school conditions were terrible and Hoke recounted some of his memories in various interviews regarding his time there.  Hoke eventually became a student at the Phoenix Indian School where his artistic talent was able to be expressed.

Beyond his well known art cartoons drawn for L.H. Larsen  postcards in 1948, Hoke Denetsosie is probably best known for his illustrations in a series of Indian picture books entitled, The Little Herder by Ann Nolan Clark.  The series portrayed the Indian concept of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and where written for children in 3rd and 4th grade.  Hoke has done illustrative work for many other books and publications.  Additionally, Hoke did Murals, one of which that was destroyed by fire was painted in the Arizona Craftsman building that was in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He also worked with well known Navajo artist, Gerald L. Nailor, who in August of 1943 completed a set of murals in the Navajo Council Chambers.

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Hoke Denetsosie in his early 30’s – Photo by Edgar Ellinger, Jr. Desert Magazine July 1952