L.H. Larsen

L.H. “Dude” Larsen

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Lewis H. Larsen was born in 1909 near Moab in the town of Richardson, Utah.   In 1932, he married his wife Dorothy and in the late 30’s he began in the business of using his artwork for postcards that tourists in the area.  The Larsen’s owned a Trading Post, Hotel and Cafe in Kenab, Utah where they produced the artwork for their growing business.  Certainly inspired by his upbringing, Dude depicted ranch life and beautiful vast landscapes in his paintings.  Some of the postcard images are also from paintings produced by Dorothy or as signed on many of her illustrations “Dot”.

L.H. Larsen was a Cowboy, Rancher, Businessman and Politician.  In his obituary, it also indicates he was the Republican Chair and also City and County Attorney.  In 1949, Lewis H. Larsen became a Utah State Senator.

After his political endeavors, Larsen became involved in Gas, Oil and Minerals and after his divorce from Dorothy, he remarried Lelia Hackman Sudholt in 1967.  Dude took up ranching in Colorado wife his new wife and died in 1997 at age 88 in Valley Park Ranch.

For More Information About L.H. “Dude” Larsen, Cowboy Artist, Poet and Statesman, Please Visit:  www.lhlarsen.com